Business Service Management – How Your Business Can Benefit From It

Businesses in most of the industries today rely on their IT infrastructure for delivery of their products or services. Despite this, business owners and IT managers face difficulty in figuring out the performance of their IT infrastructure and analyzing how that performance affects their bottom line at any given point of time. If you are wondering the same about your IT infrastructure, the answer to your queries is Business Service Management (BSM). Let’s discuss some aspects of Business Service Management and how it can benefit your business.

What Business Service Management Is

BSM is a way to monitor IT services so that one can understand its impact on the business’ bottom line. Through it, IT managers can monitor application performance so that they can identify, foresee and solve application bottlenecks. In case of larger organizations, the business owners and IT managers need to know which department if going to be affected the most in case of an outage, so that its impact can be minimized. Through BSM, the interests of the business can be protected by monitoring, tracking and managing the investment and operational aspects of the IT department. BSM hence ensures that IT processes are aligned with business processes for the maximum benefit of the business.

How you can use Business Service Management for your business

If your business depends on IT department for providing services or products or your customers, Business Service Management can be extremely useful to you. Even if you have a large company with a huge IT department, a BSM solution can help you undertake effective ITSM. When you have a Business Service Management solution in place, in case of a system failure, you will be able to know exactly where the error has occurred on a real-time basis. You will hence be able to analyze the financial impact of the failure as well as instruct the IT manager of steps to take to ensure that application performance is up to the mark.

Some of the many benefits of a BSM solution for your business are:

  • It ensures application performance is up to the mark at all times
  • BSM also ensures the availability of business-critical applications
  • A BSM solution helps IT managers to ensure that service level agreement conditions are met
  • You can make IT service management easier with a customized BSM solution
  • You can understand the impact of a system failure on your bottom line through Business Service Management
  • A BSM solution will help you avoid downtime of applications by identifying bottlenecks and figuring out their cause
  • Through a BSM solution, you can reduce losses of downtime and improve productivity of your business

International Delivery Services Get You There

If you are in business, you have very likely experienced a need for international delivery services at some point in time. These services help enable many business to keep running smoothly. Without ways to transport information and goods across the world and back, many businesses would come to a halt.

Which Method Is Right for Me

Determining which way to ship is very dependent upon what you are shipping and how fast it needs to get there, first and foremost. Many important or time sensitive documents need to be to a destination overnight, or as quickly as possible with time limitations for delivery set into place to guarantee this happens.

If you find this these are the type of international delivery services you need, then you would likely want to opt for airfreight delivery to courier your items in a timely fashion, expediting them through customs clearance and offering documentation, collection and delivery services, all in one. The shipping service you select may collect duties and taxes before you ship, to help speed up the customs process. Export airfreight options are available as well and are available to transport larger freight worldwide.

Shipping Larger Items

If you deal in retail or wholesale goods, either importing or exporting, you might want to consider seafreight if you are not in a hurry. Seafreight offers the ability to ship heavy, bulky items at a fraction of the cost that it does to ship by air. Additionally, some items that may not be transportable by airfreight, are eligible to travel via ship. If you are looking to save money on overhead expenses including shipping, then seafreight is a good alternative for you.

Document Delivery

In business a lot of what need to be delivered quickly is documents. And while nowadays many items can be exchanged electronically, legal documents need to be delivered in their original format and often extremely quickly when a negotiation is taking place. Timing is extremely important in the business world. One minute can make a difference. When you need documents there in the blink of an eye, a worldwide courier who can guarantee timely and reliable door to door international service is who you need to rely upon to get the job done.

When doing business with the EU or UK, there are additional options available that are comprehensive and unique to these distinct and smaller regions, expediting the shipping and delivery processes even more. A plethora of international business services are available to you, no matter what the job.

The Use of Mystery Shopping As a Tool for Excellence in Service Delivery

A mystery shopper is a person employed by an organization, often temporarily, to buy goods and services from it with the aim of ascertaining the quality of service delivery by staffs within the organization. The mystery shopper is often times unknown to the staff that will be attending to him/her. This distinct advantage allows the mystery shopper to obtain facts about the conditions of service given to him/her and obtainable within the organization without bias. For instance, if a mystery shopper is hired to observe the conditions of service obtainable in a mall, he may be required by the employer to obtain facts such as:

* the length of time spent on queues,
* the service approach of the front line staff,
* how much product knowledge the staff had,
* the look and ambiance of the service store,
* the ability of the staff and manager to handle difficult situations or handle an irate customer (this the mystery shopper can achieve by pretending to be difficult or even unreasonable),
* the type of products that may appeal to customers by observing the preference of multiple mystery shoppers etc.

Mystery shopping has become a perfect tool for achieving excellence in service delivery as organizations now use this to improve on areas that impact negatively on service delivery. But mystery shopping only helps us improve the quality of service delivery by front line staff. How about the quality of service delivered by back room staffs, departments, senior managers, human resource personnel, sales personnel, finance personnel and research personnel. These groups of people also deliver service to the organization even though not at the front line. Whilst it may be argued that control personnel are there to monitor the quality of their service delivery, we must not forget that control personnel also monitor the performances of front line staffs. In essence, the mystery searcher is there to provide a third eye that is usually missed out by internal staffs. The ability of these groups of staff to deliver business excellence will affect the growth of the organization. This is where I encourage the use of people I call mystery searchers to perform what I call mystery searching.

A mystery searcher is a person employed by an organization temporarily or otherwise to ascertain and observe the conditions and quality of service delivered by back room staffs, senior managers, human resource personnel etc. For instance, an organization may employ the use of a mystery searcher as a candidate in a recruitment exercise to observe the quality of the recruitment and quality of service delivery of staffs assigned to attend to potential employees. Also mystery searchers can be included as vendors to search out the activities of staffs in purchasing unit. A mystery searcher may be assigned as an employee in a department or unit or to observe the controllers assigned to units.

There is no limit to where a mystery searcher may be deployed as long as it is employed to achieve excellence in service delivery. Whilst it is crucial to ensure that front line staffs deliver excellent service, it is also crucial for organizations to ensure that the managers and back office staffs they employ deliver excellent service to the organization.